Friday, April 7, 2017

San Miguel de Allende: no time to be bored

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
February 28 to March 31 2017

To see photos of Ray and my forays around San Miguel, click the following link:

Each year there are more murals painted on San Miguel walls. To see photos of some of them, click the following link: 

Who said San Miguel de Allende is boring? I can’t believe it. Maybe they have never read the Attencion newspaper featuring all the events for the coming week. I went to yoga classes three mornings a week and Aquafit the other two mornings. Ray had a great time walking the hills and streets of San Miguel, discovering even more interesting sights. We saw all the Academy Award winners and might-have-been movies we missed earlier, attended interesting documentaries and discussions, concerts and plays, and still had time to share meals at some of the multitude of good restaurants or at the homes of friends. On top of that you there were annual local festivals to enjoy or just go to the Jardin to enjoy the passing scene and listen to the Mariachi bands. Then those with an artistic bend could enroll in any number of courses to improve your drawing, sculpting or painting techniques, take courses in Spanish, literature, photography, or simply visit the many art galleries and museums in town. There were guided historical walks in town, visits to nearby villages, and bird watching walks. I am sure I have missed someone’s favourite activity, but you get the picture. We barely had time in one month to take in every activity that struck our fancy. Of course, I did leave time to visit San Miguel shoes, several of the excellent clothing stores and buy a new necklace or two from Margaret at her booth in the weekend Artisan Market.

To see photos of the annual gathering of local indigenous people celebrating El SeƱor de la Conquista (the Lord of the Conquest) click the following link:

Tours of interesting local houses are held every Sunday, but this year marked the first time a few of the oldest houses in San Miguel were included. To see photos of my tour, click the following link;

After two months at the beautiful beaches in Puerto Morelos and Zihuatanejo, it was time for a change. We even had a new apartment this year. We were in a small compound with six apartments, near the Central Market. We only made one trip to the big supermarket, La Comer this year. We found everything we needed either in the fascinating Central Market or at Bonanza, which stocks favourite Gringo food. The Saturday Via Organica, next to Mercado Sano, was just the place to pick up artisan cheeses, mole sauces, fresh fish and have lunch at one of the many booths manned by locals while listening to visiting musicians. We had a lower apartment with two bedrooms and our friends, Dave and Darlene Kerr, were in another unit across from ours. Another mutual friend, Franceen, was on the third floor above our unit. It was a very friendly compound with Margot and Barnanby, from Saltspring Island above us and Kathleen and Peter above the Kerrs. It took us two days to write to the owner of our unit and reserve for the month of March again next year.

As part of our visit to Mexico in 2014, we stayed with our friends Suzanne and David Andrews. We were introduced to a group of their friends, most of whom have Montreal roots. The friendship with the Andrews and our new friends, we have continued to return to San Miguel. We get together to enjoy many of the activities in San Miguel, take turns hosting parties and try out new restaurants. We were surprised this year to unexpectedly meet Suzanne and Peter Krayer, friends from Ottawa, walking around the Jardin. We were pleased to visit with them and share the same activities in San Miguel. Our friendships have added a new dimension to our Mexican visits.

To see photos of some of our visits with friends click the following link:

If anyone is interested in visiting San Miguel for a week next year, we have room for guests. We guarantee you won’t be bored.

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