Friday, December 27, 2019

Christmas in Puerto

Puerto Morelos
Dec 25 2019

Ok, it is more sun, sand and sea but it is Christmas and it is important to Mexicans.

Decorations are displayed in the tourist area of Puerto, in every restaurant and at every private home.

The port area is lit up every night. Families come and some come to show off their motorcycles. This is one strange beast:

December 24 is family time but the holidays start and the place to be is at the beach. It is a long, deep beach and there is room for everyone, without crowding. 
The families set up compounds with sunshades, chairs and tables laden with food and drinks.

The beach vendors and musicians stroll by and soccer and beach volleyball games begin. 

If you are a fisherman, you can hire a boat to take you deep sea fishing. On your return you show off your catch 

and then have the crew clean everything for you.

Ray and I have started our day with breakfast in one of our favourite restaurants. We had to search for an open restaurant as many are closed for Christmas day but John Gray's Kitchen was open and breakfast was served just as we like it. 

We didn't even need lunch after that. Instead we headed to the beach to find some of our beach friends already there and new arrivals to welcome. It was a sunny day without rain and we were set up our chairs under a palm tree. It was time for our swim to find the best coral rocks, just off shore. The fish were there in profusion. On the way back to shore our route takes us past the Ojo de Agua, an underwater cenote, a hole in the limestone bottom allowing fresh water to mix with the salt of the sea. Back on shore we set off for a walk along the beach. I we want to, we can walk almost 2 km in one direction and return. Today we just walk 1 km in total since Maurice, from Manitoba, and some other friends waiting to wish us Merry Christmas.

We left the beach in time to shower and dress for dinner, again at John Gray's Kitchen. We consider it one of the best, if not the best kitchens in Puerto. We enjoyed a well prepared, tasty meal of arugula salad, salmon for Ray, Maui Maiu for me a a shared pecan pie for dessert. That is the southern way to celebrate Christmas.

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